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Rip blood changes necro ward survivability

i just started after the new patch. now i was gaining 23-40k ward depeding on fight with rip blood. i have 55 int and 375 ward retention now i get 2k at the most i tried to continue doing 90 monilith from 2 days ago i keep getting one shotted how do i make up for the ward nerf from rip blood please help.

Cap your resistances and get some armor

thank you foe please tell me how do to go about that when i all my affixes on all mu gear are already used up what do i trade off they nerfed wraiths health regen even more so i cant give up helth regen or mana. do i give up int. im not sure what to do cause almost all my affixes are for cast speed int and minon health dodge and regen.

LOL that anyone thought 23-40k ward gain was okay.

Even 2k FAR outpaces what Health can do.

i understand that im asking how to keep my build what i can change to keep my wraiths alive and keep me alive i dont have any extra places to put in armor and protections

Rip blood also used to hit more than intended and was bugged

thank you rimed. i asking how do or what do i farm for since i have no prtexctions nor armor no dodge on my gea rits all minion surviability and cast speed for rip on my weapon. how do i work in the new armor and protections with the increased wraith degen and the fixing of rip blood the 2k ward i get now wont let me do 90 monlity any more

I believe Minion health/regen is prefix so use your suffixes for flat resistances.

Yup, the defensive minion affixes (dodge, health, regen) are prefixes, along with minion phys/spell/DoT damage. That does mean you might have to make some difficult choices as to whether to take any of the set affixes for defensive purposes but that speaks to the heart of the aRPG.

Please guys ( Dev) more slot affix on rare item and above ?

The only thing that makes an item a rare is having more than 2 affixes. If you take a blue item, it turns rare when you add on another affix.

Yes, I believe he would like an additional 1-2 affix slots on gear (like PoE that has 6).

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Like I said somewhere else, they really should add an additional, randomly rolled, item based, implicit modifier or 2 to items. I don’t think more affix slots to be crafted on is the way to go. I posted the idea on here. I just think it would add more interesting choices with items.

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were gonna see alot of these posts… like the 500k ward necro’s lol…
obviously bugged/broken things… that OF COURSE got fixed, and now these people are whining lol



i noticed your pain with affix it’s why this comment, i wish rare items, unique and set get more thing to clarify what i was saying ^^ ( i’m on auto repeat :stuck_out_tongue: )

A lot of stuff changed you might need to refarm almost all of your gear. Ward benefits from protections now so you might want to changeyour whole itemisation anyway.

wasnt complaining about my ward loss i only had 40k at max.
i was asking if i need min health and min health regen as my prefixes on all my gear to keep them alive in 90 plus monolith how do i reach max res and max dodge armor etc everything i need to have the same protections i used to get from ward. the last post i guess is what im going to have to do just farm or gamble for all new gear. thank you all for your feedback.