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Ring of Shields for a Warpath Ignite S&B Paladin

Hi guys,

I am currently running Warpath Ignite S&B Paladin and was wandering about picking up ring of shields but have no idea of how to spec it.

I took Reinforcement and Enduring Defence but then what?


I like to take the upper left and the bottom left corner.

Top left is for more shields, and shields are healing all 3 seconds (they heal you and heal themselves, which keeps them alive) Namely “Reinforcement”, “Healing Shields”, “Aeges Of Life”

Bottom left is for short block chances on activation (“Defensive Shields”) (This is just for 4 seconds, but still very nice) Probably the least worth as pala, since you don’t have "triggered RoS activation like a FG can have from it’s passive tree)

And last thing is the duration, if you max that you have 100% uptime (“Enduring Defense”)

Of course this is my personal favorite setup and just some random recommendations


Thank you for the insights!

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There’s also “On the Path”. I’ve been meaning to get around to playing with that to see how it feels.

I have tested it with the healing shields and aegis of life nodes and in the time of need it DOES help.

Another question then - how do you spec Sigils of Hope?


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Glad it worked.

TBH i don’t have super much experience with Paladin and rarely use Sigil of Hope.

I think @Llama8 could probably give you some better advices than me.

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Thank you for answering so quickly!

I do not have much time to play nowadays and test it all myself which is why I ask.

OK, I will as Llama8 then!

Thank you!

I can give you some very rough ideas, but i am currently not ingame and don’t have skill node names for the example.

Sigil of Hope is very expensive, so try to go for the “Chance to gain a Sigil on kill” + Sigil Duration.

That should already help with mana, because they burn alot of mana.

On top of that the “failsave” node (i think it’s called Faith?? Not sure though) is very helpful.
Block Chance per Sigil and Sigil Amount is also very strong.

But let’s hope Llama can quickly give you some more specifc advices.

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This 6% looks like nothing BUT…it actually works big time :smiley:

Thank you for bringing my attention to it! damn 6%, if it hadn’t been for your advice I would have never tried it…

I also like duration and have 1 idol with +4 duration on it.

and te rest of nodes…well…still up in the air I guess!


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For Sigils of Hope I usually go up to the block chance node Sign of the Guardian, +1 sigil (Tetragram), maxxed duration (Enduring Hope), chance to summon Sigil on kill (Last Wish, though at 6% this doesn’t proc much) and Faith (if yo uget hit for >25% of your hp, a Sigil is consumed & you heal for 200 hp) and Unwavering Faith (lowers the threshold for Faith & increases the heal).

That will give you 4 Sigils, 12% block chance (+ 180 block effectiveness), 25s duration, 96% increased damage & +16 flat added fire damage for spells & melee. You’ll need to recast Sigil every ~6s to keep them all up which is do-able (just recast it when the duration gets down to ~3/4 duration). The cost of 36 per Sigil every 6s will give an effective cost per second of 6.

Edit: An increase duration idol would probably be nice. My only issue with Warpath & Sigil of Hope is that you would need to stop Warpathing to recast Sigil (or take Exigency to make it instant & if you do that, I’d take the points out of Last Wish/Empowering Sigils to reach it). This might cause mana issues though.

Edit #2: I’m now thinking about how one can weapon-ise Sigil of Hope with Divine Flare…


That was thorough and exhaustive! thank you guys so much! i really appreciate it!

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Mine isn’t the only way, and you may want to do it differently if you were going void (due to Sigils of Despair).

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I am running sword and board warpath ignite paladin.

Btw, using the opportunity, what is your take on ignite chance vs attack speed? Better to attack quicker stacking ignites or attack slower but stack more ignites per hit with higher ignite chance?

is there a ratio I should follow?

As of now, I am pumping ignite chance and dmg, just recently took some attack speed passives.


You’d probably want to maximise the product of both, so take your attacks per second, double it (Warpath) then multiply by your ignite chance for your ignites per second & that’s the figure you want to maximise.

To get your attacks per second, take your attack speed & multiply by, I think 1.47 (which is the attacks per second at 0% attack speed).

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damn it…feels like back in college :wink:

thank you!

btw, my noob paladin has the stats with holy aura on:

fire res 78%
lightning res 77%
cold res 82%
physical res 15%
poison res 85%
necrotic res 81%
void res 91%
block chance 70% base
block effectiveness 1341 - 51%
armor 1927 - 37%
Health 893

more or less ok?

will do some quick and dirty calculations later on too!


Yes, apart from your phys resist. Your hp might be a bit low but that depends on your level.

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I am clvl 72 atm.


Yeah max health is probably the best thing you still have to scale a bit.

I would argue a bit of max health is even more important than armour and block stuff.