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Respecing skills are SO punishing

just bought the game today, played around 5 hours already

one thing I really want to change is the respecing of skill

currently: when you respec a skill it gets -1 to level
which means you cannot playtest other branches of the skills

for example:
I have fireball lvl 8 and i went with
winged fire -> fire spray -> embers -> dancing fire

if I want to try out the other branches of this skill, i have to go back to lvl 0
which is so annoying since I have to grind all the levels back

I made that mistake with my first skill choice “lightning blast”
i wanted to try the other branches, but its just not possible

since the game is still in beta, i think we should get this feature so we can test as much skills as possible

First of all… until recent patches you had to COMPLETELY reset the skilltree in order to change them. Early on changing skilltrees is puniching yes, but early on you can put points in there like an ape and still progress in the game.

Later on you run a monolith level and have 1-3 skill level ups. Right now the skill respeccing is far better then before ;).

At low level the skill levelling is a bit slow but later on it gets much faster and respecing a full skill tree becomes pretty fast

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