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Request for refund

Hi, i have installed the game via steam but however i am unable to play it as the lag is very bad and can’t move. can i uninstall the game and request for refund.

thank you.

Shit, sorry for the lags. Haven’t had any issues with lags only in endgame due to many visual effects and monster density. What are your Pc specs /any issues at that time with other online games due to inet connection? Would be helpful for the devs i guess to know what causes the problem.

Hey there!

Unfortunately, we’re unable to publicly discuss payment-related issues.

Please contact us directly to discuss refunds;

Hi @Octiva,

We’ve just received and responded to your second support request, though as you appear not to have received our response to the initial one (did you check your Junk folder?) I’m not sure whether you’ll receive that one. For that reason, I’m temporarily re-opening the thread.

As we’ve tried explaining via e-mail, we are unable to assist you with this request. While we are the developers of Last Epoch, we do not have access to the payment systems of third-party companies such as Valve. To request a refund of a purchase made from Valve, you would need to contact them directly. There’s a Steam support article with more information here.

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