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Reign of Darkness

Reign of Darkness is currently in alpha and has recently put the game on early access on steam.

Youtuber Review (Must watch!):

The game plays/feels like an old school MMO and doesn’t hold your hand at all. At the same time, it sucks you in the deeper you go and the more you discover about the game.

There are 8 character classes in which you can choose 3 to put points into creating a very deep multiclass system. In order to survive this harsh world, you will need to think about how you build your character.

And that is just the beginning…

Dungeons scale to your level and have 4 difficulties. (Regular, Medium, Hard, Nightmare)… In order to beat these dungeons, you need to work together with other players to beat the content.

The game also offers crafting system (which unlocks after a quest) to enhance your gears stats, create gems, and infuse gems into your gear to further your characters power.

While the game is in alpha, I will say the current game is very much worth playing and supporting the developer.

I have played MMOs since The Realm and Meridian 59, I would NOT hype up this game unless it was worth it. It is worth it!

There is a cash shop which is named “Development Support”. It is 100% optional and ALL items can be earned by playing and it isn’t that hard to obtain.

Helpful Links:

Reign of Darkness website:

Steam Store:…n_of_Darkness/

Twitch Streams (When available):…0of%20Darkness

Official Discord (Very helpful community!!!) :

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