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Rabidity frenzy totem = 10% of 20% or 10% plus 20%?

“Increased Frenzy effect 10% per point”
Since the base is 20%, does this mean 10% of 20% = 2% = underwhelming
or and extra 10% per point, meaning 4 points gets you to 60% increased attack and cast speed?

Put a point in it, but it’s probably 10% of 20%.

This is correct.

All “increased effect of X” kinda effects are based on the default value.

At first glance alot of those effects seem underwhelming, but don’t forget that frenzy totem delivers a mechanic that otherwise (most of the time) can just be teomporarily/situational.
Also frenzy totem is AoE, so especailly when playing with multiple pets this effect really shines.

Thanks helpful people.

Yes, your one node can add 2% attack/cast speed to multiple pets, but if we compare it to a single low level passive on the beastmaster tree ‘the chase’, which gives 4% attack, cast, movement and revive speed permanently, it seems fairly bad to have half that for a specialist node that costs a lot of mana and has a small duration and radius.

Still, I’m enjoying using the poison chance on frenzy totem to buff the scorpion babies, so I guess I’ll just take the increased duration and area nodes like everyone else.

Also remember that the Frenzy affect is boosted by Attunement as well, so taking the 40% from the 4 skill nodes and add 10 Attunement to your build, and right there you have an extra 10% attack speed on top on Frenzy Totem’s base effect of 20%. An extra 30% attack speed bonus from a specialized skill + Attunement investment isn’t a bad idea at all, though you do have to weigh it depending on what type of build you’re going for.