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Quickly shifting between stash tabs & moving items into crafting

Hey there,

Minor QoL suggestion here. I’d love to see a quicker way of navigating between stash tabs without needing to actually click on the tab titles. Specifically, I think that the way that PoE’s AHK Trade Macro handles this is awesome; you hold a modifier key and scroll wheel up/down now lets you quickly cycle through the tabs.

Why bother? Well, many of us have ultrawide screens, and coupled with a high resolution there’s a fair distance between the inventory on the right and the stash on the left (3440x1440p 34 inch monitor in this case). Being able to keep my mouse on the inventory but cycle through stash tabs would save a lot of time.

In a similar vein, being able to move an item into the crafting menu slot without having to drag it across the screen would be awesome, as again it suffers from the same issue if you have a large screen (but I think in general it’s just a nice QoL thing to be able to mod+click items into the menu anyway).

Thanks for reading,

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