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Quick question about MONOLITH of FATE

Is the difficulty based strictly on the existing map modifiers, or is there some kind of scaling going on as well the more timelines you finish?

Thanks in advance

I believe that higher timelines are more difficult due to the mods that you’ve chosen that are still active.

The numerical value of the mods scale with the timelines conquered.

Excellent Callizer. That is the answer I was looking for. Thank you.

That part i understood. But as CAllizer showed us that in addition to the active mods they also scale w/ the number of timelines beaten. And that goes along with my suspicions.

Yeah, I thought it was obvious that you got harder mods as you do more timelines, rather I thought your question might have been, was there a hidden variable that increases the mobs difficulty based on timeline (ignoring any modifiers).

My question was crystal clear. Your answer the first time suggests you didn’t understand my question. I think you just like the sound of your own voice (even in text form). Your name is in my email box too much. I’ve actually unsubscribed.