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Quick help with Ring o' Shields and Shield throw (separate)

RoS: Do the Healing Shields and Phlanax nodes affect you as well, or just your allies?

Shield throw: Do the fire nodes lower left corner get boosted by +throwing or other e.g. +fire? Same with the Molten Shields nodes for RoS, right hand side.

Thanks in advance.

Both Healing Shields & Phalanx will affect you as well as your shields & allies (when MP is released).

The initial hit of Shield Throw will be buffed by Throwing Damage affixes, but any ignites will only be affected by the usual ignite damage affixes (% fire damage, % elemental damage, % damage over time, % damage, Strength & Dexterity if the ignite is proc’d by Shield Throw & I think there’s a % elemental damage over time affix as well?). Eruption is a fire spell, so that’s affected by the usual fire spell affixes (% fire damage, % elemental damage, % damage & adaptive spell damage) plus Attunement.

what is “MP”? I’m not great with TLA’s.


What’s TLA?

Two (or Three) Letter Acronym.

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