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Questions before i buy beta supporter

Hello, new player here wanting to give this game a try
like most people, im also a PoE veteran

my question is,

1.) at this current beta do you have Southeast Asia server? if not, do you plan to have it in full release?

2.) In steam, the game for me is $26 SGD while in your website it is $35 for beta access (im assuming its USD) why is this difference?

3.) do you allow the game to be “stand-alone” client like PoE? (i dont like being bounded to steam)

hoping to give this game a try ASAP :slight_smile:

1.) No idea sorry

2.) Normaly this happens because of taxes and income for different countrys.

3.) It has a stand alnoe version right now yes.

The game is currently not server side. So there is no server to speak off. The game runs off your laptop/PC. Having said that, I think the devs have hinted that local servers near Singapore will likely be available once the game has online multiplayer.

I believe it’s because the devs enabled regional pricing on steam.

Yes. There is a stand-alone client. I am using it :slight_smile:

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