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Question about unique item rolls

So I have been lucky enough to roll a few unique items here and there and have a few questions about them that are not explained anywhere I can see. About unique items rolling, for example, I have rolled 4 beast king 1-handed axes, here’s the strange part I have had them roll as Northern Axe, as well as Raider’s axe. So I guess my primary question is, how are unique items determined? Is it by base level of the item? Or is it a 2nd tier type of the same weapon(which is strange cuz northern and raider are diff image)? Just looking for any clarification on this to help me narrow down my hunting, and possibly find better unique gear to fit my build.

From the patch notes the Beast King can rolls as one or the other. This was implemented to be appealing to more builds afaik but that’s the only item that got this treatment.

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