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Question about "chance to cast Manifest Weapon on melee hit" with Warpath

Hi there,
does Manifest Weapon, when triggered by the idol-prefix mentioned in the thread descrition, always hit? As I take it, Manifest Weapon deals AoE damage with a very small range. When I use it manually it misses alot, I have to aim pretty well.
So when I use Warpath on the training dummy and MW triggers, it seems to go off in all possible directions. Due to the fact that Warpath hits 5 to 6 times per second, there are a ton of numbers popping up and it is really hard to tell if MW actually hits and deals damage or not.
If MW does not autotarget when you are 1on1 with a mob, what is its hit direction linked to when you use Warpath?

The “forging” idols appear to have some issues at the moment:

It’s possible that the direction of the MW is wherever the mouse is, that’s what I noticed with the Axe Thrower passive which doesn’t work particularly well with Warpath.