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Projectile speed

Another revalation occured during another episode of path of Diablo. Why do mob projectiles move so fast? If the object is to slow dowm the combat speed so the game ismt all zoom zoom why make them go so fast that you cant ever stop to cast or attack after dodging.

Diablo found a good speed where you can dodge a projectile throw an attack and then dodge again. This leads to very interactive combat thats not so fast for the user that your that there going to the forums asking for a movement speed blessing.

Not that im saying make the game more like d2, I love. Ehg spin on things, but can we make the game more like d2?

Also i know were not going to steaql the dodge/roll from wolcen or the flask from PoE, but whats worng with a stamina bar where you can run faster (basically gain haste) for short durations in times you need to dodge or want to increase the range between you and mob?

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