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Problems regarding Warpath

  1. Is there a max area for warpath?
    I have 2 points in Zweihander Reichweite, which gives me 70% inc area without shield. I added another 66% from idols, but it seems the area does not increase at all. I tested on training dummy so it’s not only visually.
    Then I equiped a shield, which deactivates Zweihander Reichweite, my warpath area is much smaller. I used those idols again, and this time idols do work.
    So now I’m confused. How does that happen? What if I put points in Iron Reach?

  2. How does the new affix that reduces channel cost (sentinel helmet only) work with flat reduction on channel cost?
    Assume I have a helmet with t5 reduce channel cost which -30% channel cost (which I haven’t find yet), and another -6 channel cost from Dark Nexus in Warpath skill tree. What would be the final channel cost?
    Ideally it would 10-1030%-6=10-3-6=1 (i don’t know if it could reach zero cost or has to be at least 1 per sec)
    Or it might be (10-6)
    Which is is the correct formula or both are incorrect?

There is a bug where those Idols only work while you are using a shield. This will be fixed in the next patch.

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For #2 the flat reduction comes off first, then the mana efficiency.

I tried with Ring of Shields (30 base mana cost) & the Tempered Steel node (4 points = -12 mana cost) & 11% mana efficiency on an amulet. If the efficiency comes off first the cost would be (30 / (1.11)) - 12 = 15.027 which would round up to 16. If the flat cost reduction comes off first, it would be (30-12)/1.11 = 16.2 which rounds up to 17, which is the actual mana cost…

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Well that’s sad. I can completely ignore this affix on helmet and focus on void/poison/necro damage taken as physical.