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Primalist Totem build, odd damage bug

So, I’m playing a primalist/druid/shaman with auto cast on ice thorns. It’s really fun and really effective. The issue is that randomly I will be destroying everything and all of the sudden my damage drops and I go from hitting everything for 1000+ to hitting everything for like 20 - 50 damage. It doesn’t fix itself until I log out and back in. It is not a specific type of mobs. it’s all of them and it always happens eventually. It’s rough because I’m playing HC and it will probably end up getting me killed. Not to mention I can’t push Monolith or Arena, because once it happens, it doesn’t go away and it’ll take me 10 just mins to kill a boss mob, for example.

Has anyone else experienced this? My friend plays the same build, and has not had the issue at all thus far. If anyone HAS experienced it and knows a fix, please let me know.


EDIT: I figured it out, thanks to a similar post. Frozen Ire is currently bugged and is causing massive amounts of negative spell damage at the moment.

Thanks-- Frozen Ire is a known issue internally and we’ll put out a fix when we can.

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