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Primalist: invisible Ice Thorns issue


I’m playing by cold Shaman build and faced with the following issue today: when I tried to activate Ice Thorns on the icy land near Nomad Camp location exit (see screenshot below) I saw the corresponding character pose animation, but no thorns were thrown:

I can see that stack icon was active, but there were no throwing thorns animation. When I tried to attack mob from this area I also didn’t notice expected damage effect from thorns.

Once I changed the location, i.e. moved to North, the issue dissapeared:

It was the first time when I faced with such issue. Below you can find sreenshot with Ice Thorns skills tree:

Best regards,

Some of the maps are a bit wonky for projectile skills. The Armoury had issues with Shield Throw in a lot of places.

I see. Sounds similar to Forcewave issue in GD that was fixed in one of the patches.

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