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Primalist Bug


I just entered the game after not playing for a month and dowloaded last update.
I redistributed my passive skills but when i got to Shaman 25, it stopped going forward. Now even though i can distribute more skill points, i can’t go past level 25 shaman, thus i cant even shaman mastery and have storm totem.

Anyone can help? Maybe this is something related to the last patch…

Or maybe unlocking shaman or druid or whatever button is somewhere else?

Hi! As of 0.7.4, your mastery is decided by completing a quest in the End of Time, which is given when you first arrive in the end of time, rather than by investing 25 points.

Since you’re on an older character, you should talk to Gaspar in the End of Time again. It’s worth noting that if you had picked a mastery class before 0.7.4, you won’t be able to pick again. You can check which class you are by looking at the character sheet ( C ).

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