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Preview of New Music Coming in Patch 0.7.5

Later this month we’ll be releasing content patch 0.7.5, which brings a new chapter of story content. Along with the new zones, enemies, and quests we will also be including new music. Two of these tracks are provided below - there’ll be several more in the update.

Burning Forest

Sunlit Pass

Which track do you like most? :smiley:


Definitely “Sunlit Pass” !! :slight_smile:

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Both are amazing! But if you’re asking me to choose just one, I think I’d go with Burning Forest :slightly_smiling_face:

both are good but best one is sunlit pass gives me goosebumps

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Sunlit Pass by far! I love the energy in that piece

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Sunlit Pass is good but something about Burning Forest is just amazing to me. Though it doesn’t really invoke the feeling of a burning forest to me.

Something about sunlit pass resonates immediately. But burning forest need some warming up to.

To me, it invokes the feeling of beauty lost in an age of warring gods. Consider that the last time we saw the divine era, Rahyeh was only beginning his conquest, and the land was still vivid and bright. Now, here we are, finally able to go back to the era in which we began, only to find it ablaze, consumed by flame like the future is consumed by void, and in those somber tones we don’t hear a fiery, spriteful theme, but the feeling of helplessness from a character passing through an already ruined world.


I like both but GOD - Burning forest - I LOVE that atmospherical vibe, and that it takes some time to take you there. But it takes you a long way Right into it.

Sunlit a tid too theatralic at times, but again, thats me loving atmospherical Music, which Burning forest has more of!

Great Job :slight_smile:

wow .,…just wow…btw…what is coming in the next patch also plz?

I guess i prefer Sunlit Pass because it feel more epic and little more rocky than Burning Forest . So i do like heroic music in ARPG with some rythme to keep up with the heat of battlefield .

I like Burning Forest song too through , nice job

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I like the calm vibe from Burning Forest. Great work

Sunlith ^^

Can insert some music from bahubali?

Sunlit Pass for the win :slight_smile:

Jesus, both are very good but Sunlit Pass definitely is superior to me. Great job!

Both of these are amazing and superior to most of the current music in the game. While I think sunlit pass is neat, burning forest is something special and very dark sounding. Love it.

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