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Pre-Patch Info

Hey Devs!
First, Just wanted to say this latest patch has been amazing and i’m totally hyped for this next upcoming patch, with that in mind i also want to say that the release of ETA and patch notes happening 5-6 hours before made an amazing impact on planning what to do and investigating the notes with out having to waste the first few hours of after patch release gametime was a huge benefit!

However, it was just luck that i happened to have the day off on the last patch release and able to enjoy it and all the hype of its release!

Can we please get it just a tad sooner? I need about 24-48 hours to call in sick, as i work a production line and they frown upon last minute call ins. 24 Hours would be an awesome timeline to both allow me(and other fellow players) to call in, and plan the first builds/mechanics/items to test right outta the gate! I know you guys already give us as much notice as possible and i appreciate that! But if possible, just 18 more hours notice would be awesome!

While I imagine the reason why patch ETA drops so late now is because they rather not have to deal with the build up of expectations for pre release patch dates, I tend to agree they should start getting bolder with release dates.

If nothing else, then just so it helps to inform them of their release date marksmanship. Given that having release dates made known way beforehand is kinda the expectations for release product and also helps when the community need to start making leave plans :smiley:

Dude don’t call in sick to play a video game.

This games worth it. Id request the pto instead of calling in but then I need a weeks notice lol

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