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Potions System Rework

I think best to change way potions works now . Heal spell should replace potions and that spell have 20 seconds and no mana cost for that spell . This is a general spell for all classes.

Belt regard of potion length 3 - 6 spaces and each potions correspond to 1-6 number key’s to activate certain buff potion or debuff with location selection.

Potion for buff ideas : Speed potion (Increase user movement and attack speed by 40 % for 10s, and can have suffixes max 2) , Regeneration aura potion (allies and caster get’s regeneration of health 25 hp/s for 10s + 2 suffixes) , Dodge potion (Increase user dodge rating by + 50% more for 10s + suffixes), Armor potion (Increase user armor by 50% more for 10s).

Potion for debuff (Potion act like a grenade here): Weaken armor ( Enemies receives - 25% less armor mitigation for 10s + 2 suffixes) , Slow ( Enemies attack and movement speed reduced by 25% for 10s + 2 suffixes).

This gives some extra fun and that should be available only in endgame.

I want to play the game not the potions! Thx but NO thx. I don’t want a PoE 2.0.


no please no! I played many hours in poe, and if there’s one thing I absolutely hate is the potion sistem, so please don’t! not implemented such a thing! maybe one more thing to diablo 3 a single potion with some effects and a relatively short recovery, or (my idea) always make a single potion but with more uses, as I know, type 3 charges with a short-long recovery or 2 charges with a short recovery, depending on which belt you use, this could already be more appropriate to the gameplay of last epoch and much more palatable, the potion system that is now there is not evil but has its defects, of course that if this remains, I don’t mind, but please don’t use a poe potion system, please!


I’d rather potions just be removed so that healing effectiveness and heals in general become more valuable, and so that the devs can implement more creative ways to heal oneself


Potions that buff like PoE?
I would really hate it, in PoE the buffs are so short I tend to ignore them most of the time, but with the speed-meta you actually need to use all of them constantly. (Using some kind of a script isn’t allowed by their makers)
It started like a good idea, but if the most effective usage is cheating, better not create/implent such a system in this game.
Theoretically you could try to create a buff system that’s always active, but the amount of buffs is very limited and is tied to say certain conditions (full sets?), but not that good so it becomes a must’ve buff.

Changing the healpot to a 20 sec timer heal, also no. Currently you can easily have 3+pots and you can use them all if you need it, putting a 20 sec timer makes it boring (although it frees up the needed (read semi useless) affixes.) , rather see an additional effect or so if you got 95% hp with a full belt and you pick up an extra pot. (Slow weak regen?)

Rather we (or the dev’s) try to improve the current system a bit more, it feels to me way more interesting than a plain cooldown-system.

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