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Poison healt leech

I have a question, I’m playing with a lich, with the build aura of decay, in the suggestions it turns out that healt leech also applies to damage over time, well … so why does it seem to me that it doesn’t work? and another thing when I’m in reaper mode for the nodes that say restore 4 healt on hit etc. do they count the damage over time? because to me the reaper form turns off immediately, and I know that healt regen does not work, but does not say life leech precisely, so … I do not know … some clarification on the subject?

Not all leech applied to DoTs. If I remember right if it says “on hit” it won’t work. It has to say like “leeches when dmg done” or something close to that.

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Yea, damage over time is a damage that isn’t from a hit, so leech “on hit” won’t work.

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