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Please Click Me! Question about Monolith Boss Farming

If I am looking for a specific item dropped by a specific boss, how would one go about it? I beat Formosus and he dropped a huge pile of unhappiness. I am looking for that Amulet so, how would one go about target farming this Dingus. Best!

I guess just rushing through the mono and picking up some +rarity on the way would be the best approach. According to lastepochtools the rarity is common, so it should not take too many times to get it.

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I appreciate the reply. So would I keep running the 3rd island? I noticed that the Monolith area you conquered does not show stacked echoes.

I was being impatient. After running a few, they are showing up. Thanks again.

I got the amulet twice today in 3 runs, I hope you’ll get it soon :slight_smile:

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Not sure if they changed it in 7.10 but you can also try gambling for it. Thats how I got an Orian’s Eye

The Frozen Eyes of Formosus will only drop from Formosus himself (as will all the other uniques added as boss drops from the monolith quest echo bosses) so you can’t gamble them.

The only way to farm them is to run through the quest chain to Formosus & kill him as many times as you can till it drops.


I stand corrected as usual by the @Llama8 snipe… :wink:

The only way I know to target farm bosses in the monolith is to run the echoes for that sequence. I managed to get the amulet the second time through. It went a little fast this time, not sure if that was by design. The Amulet has unhappy rolls by the way. I will be running it again!