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Plans for End-Game Bossing?

How does 11h envision the end game bossing? D3 rift bosses are just harmless blobs that don’t have any interesting mechanics and are dps checks. PoE has some interesting boss fights with mechanics you need to dodge, immunity phases, and boss specific uniques (however with ~30ex and a decent build they become trivial).

What is your guys plan? Do you intend to make bossfights like shaper, uber elder, atziri etc that require practice and dodging beams? Do you intend on making certain legendaries drop from a specific boss? Do you intend on making almost all bosses doable for an above average player so there’s no content he’s missing out on or do you want to make it where it will always be a big challenge in a league that only certain players will be able to kill that boss by week 1? Will it be a viable strategy to gear a character by farming mainly bosses vs farming arena/monoliths?

Side note: how will loot drop in a party? will it be FFA? Allocated? Others can’t see what loot drops for you? Master loot?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m just generally curious. As a more hardcore ARPG grinder I find myself getting bored of games if they don’t have enough endgame. I know you guys plan to have lots of different endgame and that hypes me up. Was just curious about the topic of bossing, or at least what you want it to eventually become.

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Hi Dark, thank you for your interest! As someone who loves boss farming, and did way too much of it in Diablo 2, I’d like to answer your question personally.

  1. We do aim to have boss fights have interesting and unique mechanics. That is not reflected extremely well in the current version of the game due to bandwidth being allocated elsewhere, though as you may have seen in our development forecast we have boss reworks slated.
  2. We will have enemy specific loot tables.
  3. We do intend to have content that is very hard that will require above average itemization, character building, and skill. We believe having a long term goal to defeat hard content is important to the game longevity and feel.
  4. If you like boss farming you will be able to adequately gear your character by doing so. High end Monolith content may have the ability to drop better loot more frequently in some cases of course.
  5. We plan to have different item drop modes that are selectable by the party leader. Some may be introduced before others.

As we implement these things please continue to give feedback! I personally look forward to farming Rahyeh 12 hours a day when I can find someone to take over my position :wink: Joking


Some ideas for middle and end game for bosses

  • ‘Unique’ bases to craft on example a Poison boss can drop a ring with high implicit poison resist to help you play Aura of Decay easier or an amulet that gives Life on Hit or perhaps a helm with base mana regen - bosses drop these often

  • ‘Unique’ crafting fragments could drop from bosses which are extremely powerful but very rare - talking D2 rune powerful - that can only have 1 tier and maybe only allowed one per character - so powerful the boss maybe drops it 2% of the time

  • Unique…uniques…that only drop from bosses - just something strong related to that boss that when found has a good chance of being an upgrade or even potential end game wep - 10% chance to drop on kill perhaps

Ive played a lot of D2/3, PoE, Grim Dawn etc so its kind of pooling ideas but targeted at LE, I like the crafting system and being able to find ‘unique’ crafting shards would be nice addition I feel.

I like the ideas of finding unique crafting shards and items with special implicits/explicits, GD shows it’s every viable and fun thing to have.

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