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Paladin stats going into the negative - a potentially game breaking bug

I have Sigils of Hope with the node that gives me additional block chance. When I die in Monolith maps with any sigils active, I respawn with my basic chance equal to (basic chance) - (active sigils at time of death) x (node blok chance bonus). For example, my basic block chance is 50% and each sigil gives me 3% additional block. When i die with 3 active sigils I am ported back to town and my chance to block is fixed at 41%. This effect is cummulative, so the next time I die it would be set to 32% and so on. I have all the block chance passives and my shield is a 28% base and I can get myself to 15% block chance fully buffed in a matter of minutes if I want to. Logging out and back in resets the bug, of course, and I’m back at 50+%.

So, before reporting this, I decide to push a few Monoliths and Arenas and found out that the bugs are not just limited to block chance and also not limited to dying. It seems that I am getting decreased stats each time the Sigils simply expire. This impacts every single stat which Sigils should buff. I am not yet sure if it has an interaction with other skills but I appear to be losing stats equal to all buffs I currently have when sigils expire. So, for example if my increased throw damage is 30% and sigils buff it by 20%, I have 50% increased damage while Sigils last. When they expire, however, I am not back to my basic 30%, but rather I go the Sigil buffed 20% in the negative and my throw damage is now permanently 10%. Here’s where it gets weirder. All the effects are cumulative, so all my stats can go into the negative. I have posted alink to the screenshots, but most of these pictures are after a fresh restart and only 1 or 2 Monolith maps into a fresh login. So you can see how steep and fast these go into the negative. I can have negative dps fully geared in town in a matter of minutes if I play normally.

And the last thing with this - I decided to try an Arena, since it should theoretically be the longest lasting map. As you can see by the screenshots, at wave 32, all my stats and my ward were set to -2147… (as far as I know it’s a known value so I assume it’s a memory issue). I instantly became immune to all damage and I also instantly stopped being able to do any damage. However, my summons were able to receive damage, so I don’t know if it extends to minions or you could theoretically reach any wave with just Manifest Armor and a lot of time on your hands.

I hope this isn’t a known issue, sorry, but I haven’t been able to find anything on it here.

P.S. - No gear was changed between screenshots so the changes to Strength are also caused by this.

I’ve just tried to reproduce this by taking the block chance Sigils node and watching my stats as they expire. I’m not seeing the issue you described.

Please post a screenshot of your Sigils of Hope tree, all your passives, and any uniques you have equipped. Does the bug happen if you just sit in town casting Sigils and letting them expire? Or do you only see it happening after combat?

I’ve seen your post in the Immortal mob in Arena thread, and was able to reproduce it. In future, posting your skill tree makes it faster for us to confirm bugs, even if you haven’t done further testing. Thanks for the report!

Absolutely, I didn’t post my skill tree here because it was linked to the skill itself and not some specific nodes. Thank you for handling it :slight_smile:

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