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Number of Affix Shards in Crafting window is incorrect

I can’t seem to pinpoint when this happens, but something’s definitely amiss. Perhaps 15 minutes ago I had over 700 Added Health shards and now I only have 2. Please see the attached log file: output_log.txt (3.5 MB)


Do you know if you shattered an item while a filter was active, as described in this post? Unfortunately I can’t determine the issue from the log, but that’s the only cause of this type of issue that I am aware of.

The best way for us to be able to fix this is to know how to reproduce the issue, which requires quite careful observation of course.

Whenever I encountered this bug, reloading a character would reset my shard counts to the correct values.

It is possible that I had a filter active while shattering an item. I could try to do that to reproduce the error, but I suppose you guys could do the exact same thing.

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