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No Skill Point Gained

Apologies if this is already a known bug, but I was unable to find another thread after all the searches I could think to try.

After playing for about 30 minutes today I leveled Mana Strike, Teleport and Flame Ward, but none of them received a point to allocate. I thought maybe this was intended at level 15, but others in the chat informed me that’s not the case.

I attempted logging out and back in twice, based on a sort of similar issue I found from another thread, but no dice.

Is this a character that was created before 0.7.7? I haven’t heard of this bug, your log file would be very helpful in looking into it. After you’ve uploaded that I would be interested in knowing if it happens on other existing characters, or a new character (though I realize that could take a while to test).


This was a character made prior to 0.7.7, specifically 0.7.6. I don’t know if the
attached log will help, as I tried logging out and in twice then started another character in the interim. Let me know if there are any other details I can provide. If I log in and play the character the issue is on and upload a new log would that be preferred?
Player.log (610.2 KB)

I see something that might be related to this bug, but I’m noting a lot of other errors. Can you try repairing the game if you’re on Steam?

The log file changes when you exit the game entirely, not when you change character. But, for clarity it would be best if you exited the game, opened it, loaded the problem character, and then killed some enemies (to gain xp).

Game files have been verified, and did a quick onslaught. Hope this .txt provides better insights. Providing both for fun. Player.log (19.7 KB) Player.log (610.2 KB)

Not seeing the errors in that new log. Did Steam say if it fixed any files? Play a while more and keep an eye on the skill XP bars within each skill tree.

Can do. might be done for the evening, but I’ll keep you posted if the problem persists. not too worried about it either way, but there were a few people in the global chat at the time that stated they were experiencing the same issue.

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