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No loot after Monolith Run

I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I completed a monolith run in the Flooden Cavern (something like +25% dmg and hp). I completed it but no loot was awarded at the end of the run.

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Thanks for the report, could you get me your output log?

output_log.txt (630.5 KB)

Here you go! It was actually like 1-3 items instead of none. When I killed the boss I didn’t see anything I thought was new loot. A few items remained from previous mob kills. When I opened the monolith chest I received only three items. I understand there is some kind of RNG here for loot, but that’s much much less loot than I got this morning when I ran a few.

Thanks, we’re working on it

We’ve found the cause of this issue and will be releasing a fix as soon as we can.

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