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No Items including Legendaries are loot-able


I just had a run in the monolith and none of the dropped items were lootable, had a legendary drop which is when I realized I didn’t get any loot that round - the map icon and shimmer still worked but nothing not even all the stuff from the final forge was lootable.


Could you be more specific regarding the issue?

If you were clicking on items and they weren’t going to your inventory, my first thought would be that your inventory lacked sufficient space for them. I assume you probably checked this.

If items which dropped as loot didn’t have their labels displayed, that sounds like you turned those off by accident. The default keybinding for toggling this setting is Z.

Thanks - it was for sure the Z button. Had no idea that was there maybe consider moving the default keybind to something more outside of the WASD area as I am sure others will experience that.

We’ll discuss that, thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:


had the same thing happen to me as well, the biggest Problem is probably the key Layout on the QWERTZ- Keyboard cause i sometime hit Z when creating a portal, i think it isnt that big of a deal on QWERTY-Keyboards :wink:

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Not quite on topic, but I had a few unpleasant moments when accidentally fat-fingered/mistyped T or S buttons during combat.
Skills screen conceals view until you realize what happened and click S again.
And being locked in opening portal animation can be deadly as well.

My thoughts on S screen: maybe disable it while in active combat, character could say “im too excited to think about that right now”.
Portal Im’ not sure about, I think people do use it in combat to escape from fights.

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