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New t6-7 affixes feedback

:slight_smile: Yeah, even though I agree and it’s true, is does sound patronizing when someone tells you “we also have these deluxe-class items, but they’re not really for you, you should be fine with the subpar tier items. Those superior ones are reserved for the people who really deserve them and put in more time than you”. At least, that’s how it sounds to me, but I’m biased…

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I’m very chilled about it. I don’t chase items that have an almost impossible droprate if you want a decent quality item. It’s like working 50h a week for your payment with an optional 1% chance to get a fracture more money on top of your payment if you work another 100h a week ^^. T6/T7 are not worth the effort in my eyes… at least if you want one with good rolls.

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I’m not sure I agree with that, if you can get 2-3 of the right affixes at the t3-4 you can craft it all up to t5. T6/7 doesn’t really change this. The affixes chosen are still likely to be 99% crap.

Edit: I could accept 1 mod in addition to the t6/7, though I’m not sure that would agree with the devs intent for t6/7s.

I would be OK with the T6/T7 and the T8 coming in the next DLC ( :wink: ) being super rare and in effect overpowered, BUT I have a sneaky suspicion the (end) game will not remain balanced around T5, but because of some kid showing off on internet how skilled he is and how ‘broken’ the game is with the super-duper Tx items, that there will be content (bosses, areas) reserved for the players who do own them, and the balance will shift to ‘impossible to get to in a reasonable amount of time, even though you paid the full price for the game’, like it did in POE.

therein lies the heart of the problem. Getting a blue with 2 correct affixes is hard enough now throw. Now add in the reduced probability of getting Exalted roll then further reduce probability that item wont shatter when you craft up to T4/5 then Exatled items becomes more in the category of “nice to know about them but i have better things to do than spend 12hrs / day grinding for 1 useful item per month”

If Exalted could be shattered then added to another item (which then auto fractures so no further crafting on the item can happen) then it will be far more useful. Even more so if an Exalted affix could replace and existing Affix.

Keeping as it is at moment doesnt really bother me (i still think this game is fantastic and is more than worth the money and time investment), i just think that Exalted items become a rather pointless addition to the game for many players.

Yeh im quite sure, just go into any of the streamers channels, thyworm, vision, mcfluffin, theres others, and crafting as an RNG tool, is broken, 90% and over breaks more often that not, that is broken in anyones book.

For the record i dont play PoE.

Drops may have improved a bit. A big “may”.

These Boots dropped at t5, t6, t5, t5.

Not the best variation of stats, still usable maybe. But they dropped.

I cannot remember the area, but I think it was 80. And I do not remember how many timelines I was in. But I don’t think it matters much. I’ve had goodish drops on 55 1st timeline and absolute pants at 100 multiple timelines in. RNG etc.

Best I personally ever saw before 0.7.9d was t5 t5, t5, t4

Too bad the base sucks :(.

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Very nice item, base is not great, but boots bases are less important than body and helmet i guess.

Feel free to post that in my show off thread

For me, it’s not particularly the stats or the item. It’s the fact that items can drop at max tiers.

It means that it might just be possible to actually find all my kit instead of being forced down a crafting route that I pretty much ignore in most games.

I’m a treasure hunter at heart, not a seamstress. Monsters are there to get in the way of me finding treasure, not as a way to form a kickstarter card making project on Etsy.


Agreed, but still at the base LE’s crafting system is an intricate part of the “loot spiral”. More than compared to games like PoE or Grim Dawn for example(sorry my favorite and probably by now overused examples)

So in LE it is ok to drop an item not at “max tiers”, because improving upon the already present stats on an item is very easy in LE.

Removing or adding new ones can be a bit harder though.

Compared to PoE, the only thing that comes close to that would be the crafting bench were you could fill up one prefix or suffix with a “weaker version” of droppable affixes.(or some crafting exlusive ones too)

All i see in this game is that character progression and skill progression is not followed by equipment. When leveling 1=55 it almoust imposible to find a usefull rare item. But yes, there is craft. Craft sould be complementary, not the only choice. But when you reach monolit, unless u choose a specific build, like i see manny do, then is no chance actually making some chars work. Unless u play a build that can sustain itself, like the shaman, and use it to find equip for others. But i don#t feel that this will sadisfy manny players.

Crafting is complementary. but especially in the early/midgame crafting is very strong and deterministic. This is kind of a LE thing and i like it. Early/Midgame you can easily make mediocre items that fit your builds without being BiS, but way more than enough for the leveling process and the more you get into endgame you start to craft on already strong items(items that already have a few affix that are synergistic for your build)

Not sure what you mean, for the first few timelines you can still experiment and figure things out. With enough game knowledge you can make everything work in LE, that’s the great thing about the interaction between skill spec tress, passive trees and gear affixes.

And even without major game knowledge you can make alot of stuff work without having a fully layed out build that you follow.

Not sure what you mean by that? What exactly do you mean by “sustain itself”

PoE crafting changed a lot in the current league, where we got targeted exalted orbs and targeted annulment orbs (meaning you have things like add chaos mod or remove life mod, making semi deterministic crafting if you know how to do it).
I still think PoE has the wrong approach to crafting, because the best items should come from fighting monsters, and not from crafting, thats why I like the t6/7 idea, but having too many bases and mod combinations make getting a good exalted item really hard.

Yes i know. I don’t mean to put down PoE crafting, it is awesome. Especially the new harvest crafts are somwhat…letsay “casual friendly”, you don’t need a PhD to achieve great things witch that. But in generall the majority of PoE crafts are so complex and require so much ressources that the “average player” does not use them alot.

I just wanted to point out that LE’s crafting, while muuuch more simple in all ways, is just as strong as PoE crafting in general. (Yes there are waaaay more expensive and strong PoE crafts i know)

Well, before the patch my character had ~2300HP, after only 1800; 500HP difference is quite significant I’d say.

Honestly, my only feedback is the color of the items on the screen. I have both type 2 & 3 color blindness, and as a side effect, I rarely can see colors that are compound especially with one of the colors being blue. Purple being a compound color made by blue and red, I find myself literally scrolling over every single dropped blue just to see if it’s actually a purple. If they would change the color of the items (or make them ping like uniques), I’d be happier.

FYI, there is already a thread suggestion colorblind options.

While loot can be frustrating and tediousatm, even without such colorblind stuff.

I just want to say that blue Items in this game are actually not “trash” generally. Because you can have “just” two affixes, but those can be very high(like T3+) and you have more space for individual crafts.

Just as a side note.

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Oh thanks for that, I didn’t know there was actually previous discussion about that so I’m glad. But yes I know blues can be good. Almost all of my gear tends to be crafted yellows made from blue’s. That said primarily only look at blues with affixes I know I’m after. Now I’m looking at all of them to see if they are purple. If I could more easily tell them apart, it would save me a pretty good amount of time.

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