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New player / Feedback on crafting

Hi guys,

i just recently bought the game and man… i have never seen such a brilliant and simple crafting system in a game like this. I played pretty much every arpg on the market, from d2 to torchlight to d3 to poe to grim dawn to wolcen…and now…you guys totally nailed it! Amazing job!

I’m having such a good time playing this game and i’m really looking forward to the full release! I also see daily patches and hotfixes, just keep up the great work!


Hehe you made it as a suggestion, but i will vote for this - make it stay the same. Or atleast keep the good work up on the crafting system!
Edit: Keep the good work on everything you do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thx man! Haha i tried to give a general feedback here since its called ‘feedback & suggestions’. But i think it’s always good to be thankful for a game like this in any forum :smiley:

I agree. For some reason Last Epoch, makes me want to share, respond and help as much i can. I don’t know, if its due to the game is in beta, the devoloppers are so active in the community or the game just simply is so good! :smiley: Or all of it combined.


Word! Same here man. Like i said, i bought the game 2 days ago and it’s amazing for me what i already see. The community is great, here and in game chat. The developers are amazing, i really like their philosophy. Wish the team all the best for a great release. Can’t wait to play roque :smiley:

Yea! If you not already have, you should join the Last epoch discord community. Also great :slight_smile:

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Will definitly check it out! Thx for replying and keep on having fun with this game!

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Welcome! Glad you’re enjoying the game! Crafting is indeed one of those simple yet brilliant feature of LE. :smile:

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Thx! Glad being part of the community :smiley:


I’ll give this “feedback” some love as well!
Great job so far devs, really looking forward to the future!


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