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New Health Bars Coming in Our Next Patch

In Patch 0.7.2 we will be improving the health bar UI elements in Last Epoch.

In addition to replacing the current health bars with more intricate designs, we will also be implementing distinct health bars frames to denote rare enemies and bosses!

The upcoming health bar for boss enemies.


The upcoming health bar for rare enemies.


The upcoming health bar for regular enemies.


The upcoming health bar for allies.


Nice! Would have liked more intricate designs for the boss healthbar though :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe for the Uber bosses? :wink:

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Looks super good! But as Jerle said, yea I would love to see some more of those swirls and pieces around the sides of the bar, instead of just in the middle. :smiley:

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I am very happy Thank you :smiley_cat:

Oh look, more fluff. Microsoft designed Metro interface for a reason.

looking good, one of those small QoL things that make the game more enjoyable

Look’s good.

It would be better and more intuitive if rare, magic and boss monster get COLOR identity like with other game

what should be color-coded? monster name?

Yes , unique boss name brown , rare mob yellow , magic blue etc… like usual.

I agree with adding color coding. It adds a lot to the game

Yes, definitely should be color coded. Having white for everything even if the borders are different will still be confusing.

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