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Need some help with Void Knight


I am having a huge problem with beating 5 monolith zones in a row. I get up to three, and then invariably in the fourth, I get utterly trounced, sometimes right away, usually by a couple of soul cannons in conjunction with imperial eyes. It’s very frustrating. I’m Level 57 and a Void Knight, so I should be able to do this fairly easily but that combination always gets me, so I’ve never been in the arena.

My skills are: Warpath, Devouring Orb, Lunge and Erasing Strike (with Rive on the left click, but I almost never use that unless I run out of mana). Any strategies on how to get past it? I’ve hit somewhat of a wall.


How high are your protections? Especially necrotic protection if it’s the Skellies killing you. It can be hard to get without focusing on it, as Vitality is a bit rare and there is no “%elemental protection” like there is for fire, cold, lightning.

Leech and Protections would be my tip.


I would think protections; necrotic + void are easy to overlook (coming from different games). Another thing to keep in mind is positioning. If its their big nova/self destruct getting you; you’ll need to recognize face tanking it all isnt possible yet.

I’ve learned that running away is better than trying to burst down (until i gear up better)


Why do you have Warpath and Erasing Strike? You don’t have the mana to use both. I would swap one out for Juggernaught Stance. Also make sure you have all the defensive nodes on Lunge.

Lastly check your Necrotic/Poison/Void protections and get your Glancing Blow chance up. It would be easier to help if you posted your character stats because we don’t have a clue how good or bad they are.


It is definitely possible to use both, you can make it so warpath actually regens your mana if you are using a two handed weapon. It is also great at applying debuffs and clearing trash while erasing strike can be used as a finisher.


Thanks everyone! I will adjust my stats and gear to take into account protections. I think that’s my biggest weakness as I probably focus too much on damage. If that doesn’t work, I’ll post my stats as requested!

And I do use both. Warpath actually causes me to regen mana at this point so I never run out of it while doing warpath. And erasing strike is a good big damage skill, though I will look into using Juggernaut Stance as suggested.


Post a picture of your stats and we can give you some better feedback. You can also check at the stats section and my overall stats in my build guide - I can do 250+ arena very easily.