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Need help setting two monitors with LE

I have a problem using 2 monitors that only happens with LE, despite using all different graphic configurations.
When I start the game, the game screen goes intermitently black and showing the game every 3-8 seconds, making it impossible to play. The only way to fix it is disabling the 2nd monitor, and when I enable it again, the game works normally until I start the game again, so its annoying having to do it every time. I have tried all display modes, chosing monitor 0 , monitor 1 , etc , but it keeps happening every time I start the game

I have had the same problem sometimes when I install a new game, but I just need to select the primary monitor in the respective game graphic options, and that fixes the problem forever. In LE I have not been able to do the same, it doesn’t matter what configuration I chose.

Anyone else has this same problem? Any idea how to fix it?

What’s your windows set up with dual monitors (ie, extend/duplicate/display only #1 or #2)? What graphics card do you have? Are you playing full screen, windowed or borderless?

I’ve been playing LE fine on dual monitors (main one being a 1440 & the second being 1080) on both my current (2070 super) and previous (GTX 1060) gfx cards.

Windows 10 setup is extend, using monitors 1 and 2. And I normally play my games in windowed fullscreen mode. In LE I have it set to maximized window , with monitor 0 as the default
I have a 2060 super. Both monitors are 24" 1080p , the primary runs at 144Hz connected by displayport , the secondary at 60Hz connected by HDMI.

Anything info you think might help just let me know , thanks !