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Necromancer - Summon Skeleton - "Visual counting bug"

So, i just delearned the node “Empty the Graves” visual bug still existing.


Since i have skilled the Node “Empty the Graves” when ill summon Skeletons it works as intended i summon 2. But the counter count up to 4 (2 for each Skeleton). And the most wierd Part: Summon Skeleton Mage now also get a Count as 2 if summon 1. Same for Wraths (summond via Wraith skill, or the passive “Putrid Retribution” dosent matter) but not for the Golem (i just have one, mb i can Change so i cans ummon 2 if there will be the same bug).
So when i have 4 mages the counter says 8, 6 Skeletons counter says 12.

When keep playing after an while it start to Count 3 for each summon.

And if i still keep playing without relog the Icons and counter on the top screen will “Freeze”. I wont see any Icon of summond Units or it says 11 mages - even if i dont have the skill in my skillbar

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue but I have been unable to. Could you post a screenshot of your Summon Skeletons tree and passives? You can’t upload images directly to the forum but linking to a site like works. Any more details you have on what you were doing before the issue starts would be helpful as well.


Hello sorry for my late Response it was a bit stressfull the last days.

Here is the link:

What i did, good Question.

Right now: i just logged in summond skelletons in “The End of Time” and all works fine.
I teleport to any other area and start summoing and the bug is gonna start.

The issue started few hours before i reported the bug. I had just skilled “Empty the Graves” but as mention even if i delearn this passive the problem is still exsting.
I knew i did not have skilled at this Point further then “Putrid Retribution” in the passive tree.

if it matters: the playstyle is simple, just spam Skeletons and let the mages kill em with Sacrifice (tbh what is a pretty nice&funny build what i didint see in any other ARPG Right now :slight_smile: ).

And i also discoverd an additional issue, which only happens when the “Visual Bug” gonna start. When i want to skill / Delern any Point the window dont get updated. i have to close / reopen the skill window to see my changes, for passives what i have learned / delearned.

Next week i should have my Laptop back then i can try it also on an other System (i dont belive this have to do something with my System but i still gonna try it)

I think i8 found the Problem passive. Today i have investigate further and respecced step my step.

If i do NOT summon my Golem all works fine. After i summon the GOlem it start to get wierd.
I despecced the Golem node by node. After i delerned the passive “Marrow Eater” and relogged (i relogged after each node) the bug did not disaper.

So i lvlup the Golem again until i can learn “Marrow Eater”. After i have learned the passive and resummond the Golem the bug gonna start. I hope this helps.

Funfact: After the counter get tripled or qudrapled i cant even learn / delearn passives. And i can not “Leave Game” i can hit “Leave Game” but the “OK” button will do Nothing, I have to hit Exit Game.

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