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Necromancer increased damage bug(?)

The Necro passive node “River of Bones” gives 100% increased damage (per point) if you have taken the Lich node “Hollow Lich”



My brain is melting trying to work out where the leech-coverted-to-damage-at-10x is coming from… What was your leech before you took the node (it’s on your defensive stats tab)?

If River of Bones is giving you 20% of crit damage leeched as life, that would be your 229% crit multi * 20% = 45.8 * 10 = 458% increased damage if you had no other sources of leech. so your physical damage would go up to 486% but it’s 528% therefore you should have 528 - 486 = 42 / 10 = 4.2% leech from other sources?

I’m at 1% spell leech (from Hollow Lich prereq node), 0% others after respeccing Hollow Lich.

It still happens with no gear or charms equipped.

more pics

Thanks. I’m not sure what the cause of this is but I’ve made a note of it. The node is currently granting 5% leech on crits rather than the stated 4%.

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