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Necromancer Bleed Minion Build Link (kills the training dummy)

Who said poison is best?

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where did you put your final points in Transplant and the golem?

Hey Boardman,

Thanks for yet another build guide. I have no idea how you do all these so quickly! Did you find, as I do, that this many minions makes the game laggy?

I’ve been working on an almost identical version, but tried to make it a lot more tanky. So I put all the necromancer points in first, and used valeroot, strong mind, boulderfists, rahyehs light to just stack health and mana. At level 57 I have 900 HP and 200 mana. This means I took the pale blood in transplant for %mana gain, and took the health regen nodes. (without the training dummy, I think the minions transplant creates are squishy as hell)
It also means I can use the skill tree for skeleton mages, so they have lots of extra cast speed, projectiles, and I’m trying poison chance. The mages can also be used as incredible wave clear if you use death knights casting hungering souls, mortars, with extra projectiles and extra cooldown.
Wraiths, I went for the ranged flame and putrid, as well as mana efficiency, cooldown and less health loss. If the idols with ‘chance to summon putrid wraiths’ worked, it’s be 100% ranged wraiths. Ranged, plus individual casting allows you to spread them around the arena, so you always have minions between you and the enemy. (The mob of melee wraiths is not ideal for moving targets as they get in each others way, and waste time running around.) I currently get 35 wraiths with 3 transplant casts (so 12 seconds ramp up)
For golems I stacked move speed and rip blood with 2 golems, so they are returning a lot of health to you. All up, it’s very tanky and despite little investment in damage, has been fine up to arena wave 50. Past that I get bored, and sick of the lag.
I am just now reaching the bleed chance nodes in lich tree, so was planning on putting in Onos Tul soon, so glad it works as OP as expected.

Transplant i put in “ivory court” for maximum bone minions
Then just detonations after that.
For golem i put the final 4 points after threat was maxed into blood golem(1) and hunder(3)

@grimlock9999 Well first, i have put almost 1300 hours into game so i have 1 or more of most builds, just finally optimizing them and spending the time to do videos.
I do drop FPS from time to time, usually doesnt matter what build im putting together though. Soon as the atk speed/procs get really high it just drops. Yes bleed in lich for minons can be OP, remember i have almost 500% increased DOT for minons on my gear so thats a huge part.

I hate the Necro in this game. I always play a Summoner in aRPGS, I have multiple lvl 100’s in PoE and 2 are Necro’s plus other low lvls and also other games like Grim Dawn I had 7-8 pet builds so im familiar with them

In LE they are all quantity and no movement speed and they are squishy as and die constantly, even the golems. Its funny because they are like old Dominating Blow from PoE which was a clusterfuck

on a related note I can kill the Training Dummy now on Beastmaster with only 3/4 wolves 0 Scorpion 1 Raptor without even using Entangling Roots. If I use all of them ive seen 300k ticks right as it dies and still missing some idols

Yeah the beastmaster and single targets just have it out for eachother when it comes to poison.

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