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Necro God

It twas the best of time, it tis the end of time


This looks so ridiculous, in the best way possible. Love it. :rofl:

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Ward, still totally not OP. :wink:

Very nice Boardman!

Very pleasant video to watch. And it’s always great to see passionate players looking for the best build possible. : D

As I wrote on Discord, one of the core issues with Acolyte is that there is only one efficient way to generate Ward, (and Mana): Rip Blood.

Here of course there is also the combo with Bone Curse.

But in addition it is absolutely necessary that the Acolyte has more means to generate ward (and mana) in the future: absorbing stacks of Curses, absorbing corpses (so to speak …). And others.

Not as much means as the Mage, but still, it’s a caster class.

The over-efficiency of Rip Blood on a large bunch of Minions, and the under-efficiency of other skills (for example Soul Feast is very inefficient) means that the Necromancers are confined to using Rip Blood in all their builds.

Good job filthy acolyte! jk. you are king once again, in all aspects now haha.

That should be illegal. Nice work as always, man!

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Too much clutter^^ , there are way too much wraith, it should be limited at a certain amount like 20 i guess for the sake of the game stability and raise their base damage in counterpart.
It feel good to have that much ward :slight_smile:
Nice build

This build looks amazing, making me want to check out necro after I have finished with my Beastmaster! :grinning:

I love it!! Also I can suggest to use decay instead of golem to boost even more minion poison damage and stack 2 auras :slight_smile: also unfortunately I was already very limited to play my fire brigade necro with my current PC but this build… My PC just freeze for minutes :frowning: very frustrating but nothing that I can do about it, even everything at minimum, no damage display etc… It’s not playable especially during big fight. Can’t wait to see new GC generation in September to see if I can update :slight_smile: