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My character had been deleted after a crash

I was doing a monolith quest, when i clicked the portal back to town, my computer got rebooted, then i relogged, and my 130+ hours character was gone. I don’t know why, can anyone help me? the save files for that character are stil there in the saves folder, but somehow gone when i log in game.

Because the saves are still in the folder, they are probably corrupted and aren’t loading. If you post them here I can take a stab at repairing them.

Hello Mike, I’m encountering a similar situation like what described but with a slight difference. I made a new acolyte and played for about 20 hours and got to 49+ level. Logged out from time to time in between. When I logged out to go to sleep and log in the next day, my acolyte has disappeared from the character list. Is there anyway you can help? I’ve posted in a few forums post but have not get any reply. Hopefully you can help. Thanks!

Could you upload your save files (they’re in the save directory in the same place as the log files). So Mike can have a look at them.

hello, sorry for the late response. I’m trying to upload the save file but it’s not letting me. Is there another way to do it?

Zip it and upload it. (35.1 KB) there ya go. I usually use .rar and totally forgot about zip. thanks!