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Movement Stuck after melee attack

i had it happen with different chars so far.
Acolyte/ that Scythe attack animation (forgot name, reaping strike? you know the one you deal double dmg on marked enemys).
Primalist/ that elemental hit (with phys/light/ice dmg procs on it)

Sometimes after attacking your character is frozen in place and you cant move until you used an ability.
If i fully clear a map it happens 2-4 times.

Also had this on Primalist, with basic melee, swipe, tempest strike, and serpent strike. Sometimes attacking again clears the issue, but once I had to exit the game entirely. On that case, my character also became naked.

I’ll see what can be done to address this, but in the meantime it would be very helpful to have screenshots from the places this happens for you as I haven’t seen this issue internally.

If you’re on Steam, F12 will take a screen shot, otherwise Windows key + print screen will capture the whole screen and put it in the Pictures\Screenshots folder.

This should be an unrelated bug that we are in the process of addressing.

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