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Monolith progression somehow bugged?

Hey guys,
started a new toon yesterday after not playing for like 5 patches. I´m now somehow stuck on monolith progression in the 80 zone(Ending the Storm) with 1/2 paths taken but I killed the big boy boss (lagon) 3 times already but only got 1 path taken. Am i missing something here or is it really bugged? I had no problems on the lower zones path progressions.


(If it is bugged some moderator can just move to post in the bug report section)

For the Ending the Storm monolith chain you make your choice when you face the Architect. If you get her to spare your life you unlock the lvl 90 monolith, if you fight her you unlock the lvl 100 monolith.

I see, that was the Quest Echo where you have to free the 5 guys one quest echo before Lagon yes? Will try it tomorrow. Thanks for the answer

It’s the second quest echo (hit M & in the end of time tab scroll down to the correct monolith & it’ll tell you how many quest echoes you’ve done).

killed her and “unlocked” the 100 timeline but it´s still 1/2 paths on the questlog

Yes, you then need to kill Lagon. The path to the lvl 100 timeline isn’t unlocked until you kill Lagon, the choice you make with the Architect merely determines which monolith is unlocked after you kill Lagon.

Got it, thanks!