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Missing the Juvenile Skullen Pet

Bought the game via the website and linked my steam, but i’m missing the Juvenile Skullen Pet, it’s still locked in the Cosmetics Tab.

Thanks in advance

Any update here ?

Looking at other threads with this problem, since apparently it’s pretty common, they normally don’t need that long to be resolved.
I’ts not really about the pet itself, but the silence about it.

we’re now 1 month into this without any word on what’s going on or why it’s taken so long…

this is not what good customer support looks like.

weekly reminder…

Same problem here! Is it going to be fixed in the next patches or do we have some client workarounds to get the pet?

afaik, and from the numerous other suppport threads here, this has to be fixed for each person indivudually by a Mod/Admin/Dev/Whatever…

But as you see from my increasing frustration in my posts, there’s no response whatsoever why it’s now over a month without any word.

The “Assignment” one day after my thread is just the cherry on top… like the two “read” checkmarks on a chat conversation without any answer.

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I confirm that the support was able to solve this issue. The replied immediately. Thank you for the sugestion @Hurric4ne.
I can understand this is frustrating. I would expect this fixed soon or maybe it’s not a their priority atm.

Locking thread as you’ve both reached out to us directly and received a response. :slightly_smiling_face: