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Missing Passives After Patch 0.7.4

So i posted about this in the actual patch thread but heard nothing back. But my Sentinel is now completely missing 10 Passives. The 5 i had in the old node that buffed Holy Aura as well as the Strength Node in Forge Guard. It even still shows me with 5 points in Forge Guard and even still lets me have the 5 point skill there with no points allocated there anymore. Is there a way to get my passives back or am i just going to have to relevel my Sentinel?

If i have to relevel it thats fine but is there any way you guys can just make it from now on where if you patch something and change our trees it just gives all our points back to be respec just like new patchs in POE does? That would make more sense. If nothing changes give the option for an optional 1 time reset but if any nodes are changed or removed then all points are pulled automatically. Just a suggestion to prevent this again.

This is a known bug, it will be fixed in 0.7.4b by granting Sentinels a free respec. Thanks for the report!

Thanks man didnt see any other posts about it so wasnt sure if it was known or not.
This patch also sure helped my performance btw. Not sure what you guys did but before this patch i had stutter in certain Monoliths that was near unplayable but ive run probably 100+ now since the patch and its MUCH better for sure.

Well turns out i found 5 of my missing points in void knight… somehow the 5 i had in str that was removed is now allocated at the top of the void knight tree in Time Legion even though im a Paladin and filled that tree out.

Hope this helps in fixing it. I didn’t discover this till just now when i went to respec a couple points i had in the Void Knight leech nodes and it wont let me back it says i have to remove 40 points from Time Legion… Somehow my 5 points at the bottom got moved to the top of the void tree even though i only have 10 in it. also cant tell if im getting the 15% melee attack speed from Time Legion or not but im gonna assume i am.

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