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Minion AI behavior

So I just did some dicking around with minions on my Necro and they’re performing pretty ok atm. There is a problem with the minion AI, it’s not really consistent. Skeletal rogues will run off 3 screens away to go murder something… WHICH IS GREAT! but they’re not tanky. Meanwhile my golem and death knights just sort of saunter along next to me waiting for things to be much much closer. What is the point of my golem having tanking talents if it can’t get to mobs because the rogues run off and kill them or the rogues run off and die cuz they weren’t tanky enough and now the golems have no one to DPS for them? We need to make the minion AI relatively consistent. I would LOVE for my golems to go tear ass after enemies 3 screens away with the rogues, but currently they just don’t. Neither do the death knights. I’m thinking of speccing out of rogues for archers so that at least they’ll be ranged and my tanky pets will get in and tank like they’re supposed to.

TLDR: adjust golem/death knight AI to be as aggressive as skeletal rogues. Especially if the golem has the “increased taunt” node.

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I understand your point and EHG can for sure do some improvement to minion AI. Until then, you can use the key that force minions to move and attack if there is a target on your cursor (won’t solve all your problem but it can help)

If the devs are reading this, I’d like to add skeleton archers and skeleton mages shooting at brick walls as a thing that should be improved. Pressing the minion attack key does not fix this, nor does running 3 screens away. The little buggers just stand there hammering away at the wall which has a monster behind it.

As a pretty old Suggestion, I think the best Option is the Standard Behaviour Modes: (Rampant), Aggressive, Defensive, (Protective), Passive.
Rogues currently would probably be rampant, run off to fight enemies that didn’t aggro yet and are far away.
Aggressive is similar, but the minion “leash” is Shorter, only attacking enemies on Screen or 3/4s of the Screen. If enemies run off minions follow them until they are dead.
Defensive would further shorten the leash, and minions would only attack already aggro’d enemies, and run back to you once an enemy runs out of Screen.
Protective would make minions only attack those enemies you yourself damaged already.
(Meaning as Long as you run through a Zone without Auras/Reflect Damage, Minions will follow you without attacking anything).
And Passive would make your minions just idle behind you no matter what happens.

Because while Necro Pets might be fine with the Rogue-Behaviour, I’d like my primalist companions to remain near me and don’t get stuck fighting something somewhere.

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