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Meleee damage increases dots?

Passives on BM have a lot of + melee damage, wondering if it increases dots from pets.

No. Dots are their own separate damage types with their own base damage (check out the “other stats” section of the character screen). Jowever, they will still be buffed by any relevant damage modifiers, such as ignite being buffed by % fire damage, % elemental damage, % elemental dot damage & % dot modifiers in addition to generic % damage. Dots also inherit the attribute (str, int, etc) of the skill that proced it, so if you have a hit from Vengeance (a str skill) that ignites a mob, that ignite will also receive a 4% increased damage per point of str you have.

Finally, % chance above 100% gives you multiple stacks per hit, so 260% chance to bleed will give you 2 stacks and 60% chance for a third.

And finally finally, minions are only affected by minion stats, so your chance to ignite/poison/etc won’t affect your minions (but you can get minion chance to apply various ailments/dots).

Edit: tldr (after reading your question not the thread title!) No.


Thanks! Thought that since the bleed was applied via melee attack, it would increase.

No, since bleed is an ailment/dot rather than a melee skill.

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