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Melee Shaman feels good, man

The only thing its heavily lacking is a big melee hit from the mastery, swipe eventually fizzles out. That said it is perfectly workable up to a point. Rather tanky too. Don’t think I’ve ever made a two handed elemental builds in other games but here it feels right.

There are nodes that add a lightning strike to a melee hit every 3 seconds or so iirc, is that too weak to noticeably buff your swipe?

My man. Have one as well with Swipe as the main skill, at level 40 something currently. Seems to take 0 damage and do big dps. Only issue is that the skill usage/specialization is pretty dead. I’m running Swipe + 3Wolfs and 1 Sabretooth + Fury Leap, so the playstyle can get boring pretty easily as there isn’t much involved compared to other builds i’ve played

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