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Melee Rive Void Knight (build LInk)

Wave 200+ Rive Void Knight. Have fun with this exciting future attack/echoing madness!


I should try Vk Rive again now that echoing is a thing. Nice to see a Vk build doing well!

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Very nice, people need to know more about the nonsense that is Future Strikes!

I did some calculations for my build & assuming you can cope withe the mana cost, going 3 points in Dark Torrent & 3 points in Orb Master gets you more procs of Future Strikes as you’re getting a max of 5 Devouring Orbs up at a time (plus whatever you get from echoes) which means more rifts & more abyssal orbs. This would give you an average mana cost of 8 per second.

If you wanted to go full Future Strikes nonsense, Shield Throw is the way to go (with it’s Eruption node for AoE hitting everything).

Currently Smite does not proc Future Strikes as it’s bugged & can’t proc any ailments outside of it’s own skill tree (ignite or shock).

Edit: and the idols that give you increased damage on echo don’t work either… Though when they’re fixed, they will be a massive buff for the build.

Why points in Rot Grip? If you put points in Umbral Attunement (for the +attunement) or Doom Knight (for the +strength) those stats would buff the damage from Devouring Orb (attunement) &/or Rive (strength).

+% Void damage might be more useful on your staff as that would boost the damage from Future Strikes as well as everything else.

I am curious as to how you get your necrotic protection so high though.

Also, would you mind doing a clip of some ~200 arena action?

There are always things you can change and usually one leads to another, yes ill push it some more in the next few days and record some and put it in discord.

Ta. :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice how you got your protections up so high though (unless I wasn’t paying attention) does Sigil of Hope provide such a large boost (especially to necrotic & void)?

sigils only gives armor
Left Ring has 296 (t5) Necrotic protection
Boots +9 vitality = 135 Necrotic Protection
Relic +9 Vitality = 135 Necrotic Protection
Right ring 66 Necrotic Protection (t2?)
Belt +19% armor and prot = 19% more necrotic
chest +12 vitality and +9% armor and procs for 180 Necrotic +9%
helm 8% armor and procs

Ta, I need to look through my Forge Knight’s gear then 'cause both times I’ve done the arena on him I got splatted by a necrotic death screech (though one of them might have been a holy fire attack from an Ospryx champion).

Might change my gloves from Riverbend Grasp to crafted for more protections…

Yeah my armor is the best could easily get 500 more necrotic and other protections if maxed. well by easy i guess thats relative to how RNG is feeling at your time of craft.

I think I’ll change my gloves first & see how that goes, then look at the other pieces of gear. I spent quite a bit on getting glancing blow to 99% (would have been well over 100% if one ring hadn’t fractured on a glancing blow per equipped item) & crit avoidance (~84% or so I think, but I’m also running the 50% blind chance on hit on Smite so harder mobs should be blinded all the time which would reduce their crit chance).

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