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Meatballs From Space - A Sorcerer Mage Guide v2.0



Greetings Traveler and welcome to version 2.0 of my Sorcerer Guide for Beta 0.7–

Meatballs From Space!
So… are you ready to sling some spicy space spheres?

All feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. I will be doing constant edits to improve formatting, post updated skill/passive trees, other improvements, and more videos.

That said let’s get into it!

Gameplay Arena Waves 120-150

Gameplay Video

Gameplay Video
Video featuring some gameplay from Arena Waves 120-150. As you can see I’m still a bit of a glass-cannon, and especially weak vs Void and Necrotic, but will be reworking some passives and optimizing gear further to push higher this week and posting any improvements.

Despite that you can see 2 things hopefully:
1- The damage potential for this build is insane. My biggest crit so far has been 56k and I average 29-39k crits throughout the video. With 15 more passives and a lot of gear optimizing still to go.
2- Someone more skilled could pilot it much further than me, I’m taking a lot of avoidable damage and have a few misclicks (even teleporting into the middle of a pack at one point :blush:)


This build was inspired originally by the Wave of Light monk builds from Diablo 3 then eventually becoming just a standard Wizard-style Meteor build– dropping a barrage of nukes on enemies from as far away as possible, blinking around the map to gather up huge groups of mobs and then use black hole to pile them neatly on top of eachother to annihilate.

The playstyle is simple but fairly active and requires you to pay enough attention to keep a few plates spinning to maximize survivability and damage output, all of which we will cover below in detail. One noticeable improvement of Meteor over EN is you can cast it and then keep moving before it lands, whereas with the EN build you have to stand still and turret all your damage, making you much more vulnerable to 1 shots in higher tier content.

TLDR: Gather mobs up, stack with Black Hole, spam Meteor, teleport before the meatballs land, watch the body parts go flying, repeat.

For the build we will be stacking spell and fire damage along with intelligence, all of which apply damage values at THREE TIMES ITS NORMAL VALUE to Meteor, pushing it to lethal levels on the Scoville Scale of Spicyness.

Stacking ward via teleport and focus will be our primary defense layer, and we will be casting teleport on cooldown nonstop to continuously give us a huge chunk of ward, ward retention, and a 4 second 50% Damage buff.

Please note this build makes use of several unique/set items and as such may not be the ideal build for a first time player who has no access to a stash full of twink gear. That said it’s still entirely possible it just won’t be as strong. The build won’t truly come to life until the late 70s/early 80s.



We are going to be spicing up our meteor damage as much as possible in the tree for massive critical strikes. Don’t be tempted by “more area,” the wording is tricky. We want all of our Meteors to land in as small an area as possible to ensure that each one strikes every enemy, which are conveniently stacked tightly on top of BH.

First head for 4/4 Extinction and Astral Cataclysm, before putting a handful into Infernal Descent. Add the 2 points to Celerity as you please when you really start to feel the cast time getting sluggish, before finishing 9/9 ID in the higher levels once you have more cast speed from gear/passives.

The cast “rotation” to hit as high damage as possible on mobs is, once you have them grouped up and have recently cast teleport:

Black Hole > 2-4x Meteor (as many as you can without going into negative mana) > Teleport

This will give you the 10-100% Dragon Mage damage buff from casting a cold spell (BH), and then the 50% Elemental Damage buff from teleport, right before the meteors land.

Fire Shield
Fire Shield will be active 100% of the time, using the unique effect of Rahyeh’s Light to recast it at the cost of 80 ward each time it expires, allowing us to set it and forget it at the start of each session. With Fire Shield we will be taking the 5/5 Master of the Elements and 4/5 Warding nodes first, then 3/3 Pyromancer’s Aegis for 30% global ignite chance, before spending the last of our points to juice those fireballs up to the gills. The fireballs will also benefit from all the intelligence, spell and fire damage we are stacking for Meteor, and often 1 shot entire packs on their own thanks to the Piercing Flames node.

We will be using teleport for mobility……and to abuse the still-pretty-strong Ward nodes while we can! Head straight down and fill it out as you please. After you get some points into the Ward nodes then grab 5/5 Elemental Affinity for a 50% Elemental Damage increase after cast. I put the 20th point into Elemental Dawn for the Nova where I land, mostly to help open boxes and barrels. You can put it wherever you want but I noticed the knock-back node had little to no effectiveness to be worth it.

Black Hole
We are using Black Hole to group up mobs for nuking, as well as making space between you and enemies when they get too close. Because of this we want it to be as strong as possible, last as long as possible, and have as big an area as possible. The damage is negligible however it does proc the Dragon Mage passive giving us a 10-100% Fire Damage buff for 4 seconds after cast, meaning you want to always cast BH before a barrage of Meteors for a huge damage increase.

While leveling grab 3/3 Stability first to extend the duration, then Intensity and Massive to make it bigger and stronger, and finally go for Time Dilation and Cascade Fracture to have a chance to blind mobs as well as recast itself occasionally on expiry.

We use focus to top our mana 0-100% in a few seconds during combat, and also to gain/preserve ward. We will be speccing it to give as much mana back as fast as possible first, by maxing the Desperate Meditation and Mana Flooded nodes then heading left to grab all the ward nodes. With this setup we’re able to channel an entire mana pool in around 2-2.5 seconds and get ~100 ward from it.

Try to always teleport immediately before you Focus to keep your Ward as high as possible!


Passive Tree:
Currently the passives are only up to level 76 as that’s as far as I’ve leveled, but these will be updated at 85/95. There is no preferred order to filling it out, pick whichever suits your character best while leveling, but the int nodes give more survivability (more ward on teleport + ward retention) along with more damage and as such may be the most prudent.

20 points for now but may revisit in the high 90s to finish the last 5 points into Knowledge of Destruction, will test once I get there.



This build makes use of a few set/unique items in the game – which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. It can be easier to track down a Calamity helm than try to get a 4xT5 roll on something decent but annoying to have to farm for them. I would “only” consider Rahyeh’s Light as absolutely mandatory although Strong Mind amulet, Calamity, Isadora’s Tomb Binding belt, and two Invoker’s Static Touch are nice if you have them.

Rahyeh’s Light – This unique allows Fire Shield to recast itself at the end of its duration at the cost of 80 ward. So as long as we keep our ward up constantly (from teleporting and focusing), it will never fall off or need to be recast. This one is necessary for the build.

Strong Mind amulet – This gives a huge chunk of +mana, and stun avoidance. Will be toying with rare necks to see if the damage increase is worth the survivability trade-off and mana boost.

Isadora’s Tomb Binding – 15% cast speed in a slot you otherwise can’t get it.

Invoker’s Static Touch – Despite doing a ton of test dummy practice with every ring prefix combination related to the build nothing put out as much average damage as 2 of this ring because of the flat spell damage. Once I have another 2xT5 prefix rare ring to test alongside the first one it may win out, but until then slap two of these bad boys on!


I will give a quick affix priority list for each piece of gear and the best base to craft it on. Once I get some show-worthy crafted gear I’ll add pictures.

This area is welcome to feedback as we have no concrete stat-weight values and everything I’ve done so far has been through trial and error.

Chest base: Noble Raiment
Intelligence > Vitality > Protection

Weapon: base: Imperial Wand (haven’t seen anything better?)
Spell damage > Fire Damage > Mana regen > +Mana > Protection

Helm: Calamity unique.

Amulet: Strong Mind unique.

Rings: 2xInvoker’s Static touch and/or base: Sapphire, Ruby, or Gold
Spell Damage > Intelligence > Critical Strike > Fire Damage

Gloves: base: Noble Gloves
Intelligence > Cast Speed > Protection

Belt: Isadora’s Tomb Binding set item.

Boots: base: Heoborean Boots
Intelligence > Vitality > Movement Speed > Protection

Relic: base: Sunrise Emblem
To be tested but some combination of Spell Damage, Fire Damage, Crit Multi, Crit, Mana.

In concusion, as beta continues towards release and all kinds of tweaks and adjustments to balance and other systems are made I will do my best to update the guide to reflect the changes. I will still be pushing arena and posting video(s) along with updated skill and passive trees as I hit benchmark levels.

Thank you very much for taking the time to come check out the thread, I hope some people are able to put it to use and spark some discussion about possible changes and improvements to be made.

If you’re interested in a Warpath build check out my other guide here!

May all your lewtz be fat,

Boy Meets Whirl: How to Spin and Win as a 2H Warpath Sentinel *275+ Arena, Endless Monolith*

Hi Wex,
I tried a similar build and just stacked Spell Damage as high as i could.
Is Elemental Damage better for Nova?


EN scales off of both and affects every type of Nova, giving the same bonus, meaning one you have least of on your char sheet is the most valuable and you’d try to stack both as much as you can, but say you already had +250% spell damage and +120% Elemental damage and have an open prefix on a piece of gear, you’d get a bigger damage increase from from Ele in that case, hopefully that makes sense.

Kind of a moot point regardless because Meteor is just SO. MUCH. STRONGER. it’s not even comparable… I’m critting for 30-40k (in early 70s for levels) with Meteor instead of 4-5k with EN, although the playstyle is a bit different. Update in a few hours.


Revamped and rebuilt as a much stronger Meteor build, includes low wave arena gameplay just to showcase the damage potential. More updates coming soon!

Thanks for checking it out, looking forward to some feedback!


Thanks for this guide. Please keep them coming for us newbies.


Trying this out.



No problem, thanks for checking it out! Let me know if you have any questions!

Good luck! Would love to hear how it works out for you! Definitely a different playstyle but I find it really fun trying to group up as many monsters as I can while dodging stuff


Any updates on passive skill levels when in high 90s?


I play almost the same build the only difference is on meteror i took a different try route. I went southwest for more meteros (once maxed i have 6 that come down) I have found that this does more damage overall than the route you have taken for crit/area/damage. I dont crit for 46k or even 20k, most crits are for 6-10k and there are 6x(yes very rarely are all 6 crits) My tree build is also an FPS killer just a heads up.

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