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Many small white graphical distortions on Linux

Just want to point out that the performance on Linux is amazing, I think it performs better than Windows.

I just found out a bug / graphic glitch when I join The End of Time I am adding a screenshot so you can have a look, I have quit the game, restart computer and change resolution and the problem persisted. Other than that so far so good and really happy with the game-play on Arch.

Thank you.

Thanks for the report! I’m going to move this post to the Bug Reports section.

Please create new threads for new discussions. :slight_smile:

Please provide the following information;

  • Can you confirm whether only the End of Time zone is affected?
  • Which video card and driver do you use? (e.g. RX 580, AMDGPU)
  • Knowing the specific version of the graphics driver may also help.

We’ve been looking into this since your bug report.

Could you please try setting Terrain Quality to Very Low and see if the issue persists?

We’re working on a fix which will be included in Patch 0.7.2.


at the moment it’s only the End of Time, the graphic card is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 and the driver is nvidia 430.26-9.


If I set the terrain to Very low the “glitch” goes away but as soon as I enter End of Time again it’s back and if I set to Low goes away and so on.

Thank you.

Nice dry ice fog :grinning:

@Sarno 2 more places, Echo of a World and Gladiator’s Rest, same thing happens. If I change the Render Mode to Vertexlit the white goes away and when I get back I have to change to something else and then to Vertexlit again.

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