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Manifested Armor & Forged Weapon Information

When I looked at the forged weapons manifested with the use of Forge Strike as well as the the Manifested Armour Pet it says that they scale with weapon stats.
What does that mean (IE Which stats)?
I have tested +melee damage and it seems to work. I have tested minion damage and it seems to work. However, when I tested %Physical Damage I saw no increase. When I tested % Melee Damage I saw no increase.
What stats am I suppose to use on my weapons that will allow both my forgeguard and my pets to scale?

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Pets only gain damage from minion damage increase. There damage does not scale with your weapon damage

There is a skill node that gives the manifested armor a one handed weapon that uses the stats of your own weapon.

Usually when you hover over the skill in your action bar a tooltip is shown that lists all attributes that scale with that skill.

Why added melee dmg works and +% not I dont know. May be a bug or intended :thinking:

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