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Mana Strike and Sorcerer

Hi there,

I want to create a Sorcerer that uses two attack spells - one that consumes Mana and another one that helps regenerating it (juggling two attack spells feels more fun to me than spamming only one spell all the time). Mana Strike initially seems like the most promising way to achieve that. I went for Meteor as the spender.

As I like to be far away from the enemies, I took Teleporting Strike, which unfortunately reduces the Mana generation by 80%. Even with getting +6 Mana on hit (node to the left) and the 80% increase node, the generation is barely noticable.

By removing Teleporting Strike, the Mana generation is really good. But you need to be in melee range and will get a lot more damage, so the Sorcerer must be quite tanky. Even with the knockback node I did not feel comfortable, as ranged enemies are unaffected by it.

Did anyone use Mana Strike as a generator with a Sorcerer and succeed? What did you need to do in order to make it work? Do you think the 80% reduction on Teleporting Strike is too much of a disadvantage, as it makes the skill pretty much useless as a Mana generator?

PS: Right now I’m going for Meteor plus Fireball, which replenishes the Mana in a somewhat acceptable manner while keeping me out of trouble. I might also try other skills with zero Mana cost in combination with the 45% Mana returned node of Meteor.

This is going to be difficult to do with Mana Strike because you have to strike the enemies for regaining mana. Focus is most likely a better mana regenerator if you want to stay at distance, though it’s not technically an attack skill. So that may not fit with what you want for a play style.

Spellblades use mana strike quite a big because they’re supposed to be melee (and yes, there are exceptions.) If you’re going to use Teleporting Strike you’ll have to find other ways to supplement your mana, like with relics or on a affix/suffix like ‘of the ocean’ and ‘of efficiency’.

Plus look at Static Orb with Mana Ground and Static Wisdom as an alternate to Mana Strike.

Also, wait for some of the folks who know Mage much better than I do to give advice. My thoughts are limited and may not be optimal.

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